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On the following pages, you will see examples of my artwork starting with my new Avi paintings style (Abstract Vector Impressionist). There are also examples of my Computer Generated (CG) digital paintings, graphite drawings, En Plain Air paintings and some of my demonstration (art clubs and societies) paintings.

There is also a link to another gallery where you can 'See Artwork on Walls, in this gallery you can see paintings and graphite portraits framed and on living room walls, hopefully, they will give you ideas for your own home.You can now purchase gallery-quality archival

You can now purchase Archival  Fine Art Giclee prints on selected images of my artwork by clicking on this link;
You can now purchase archival Fine Art Giclee prints of selected paintings that are on the Abstract Vector Impressionism page by clicking on this link;
. Dot-Art is an independent Art Gallery based in Liverpool that works with over 100 artists to provide an unrivalled choice of affordable, high-quality, locally sourced artwork for home or business

If you are looking at this website from outside of the United Kingdom, I hope you are able to read the information on each page clearly. I have designed this website myself, I am not a web designer nor do I want to be contacted by web designers thank you. I do hope that you enjoy

browsing through the pages and like what you see…

For any questions regarding si
te content, you can contact me at;

Thank you for being so understanding.

Artist Statement:

"As an artist, pushing boundaries through exploring new styles and techniques is always thrilling. My latest creations, 'Abstract Vector Impressionism,' combines elements of vector art and impressionism to bring forth a style that is both structured and emotionally expressive. The outcome is a series of vibrant and captivating paintings. The use of AI in my artistic process is a fascinating and innovative aspect of my work. With technology advancing every day, it presents artists with exciting new opportunities to experiment and incorporate into their craft. By utilising AI, I am able to tap into fresh sources of inspiration and produce art that is truly one-of-a-kind, ahead of its time, and a testament to the limitless possibilities of artistic expression."

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