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On the following pages you will see examples of artwork created by artist Bob Hughes. Starting with his new AVI paintings style (Abstract Vector Impressionist) which he is developing then onto his more, Traditional style of painting. There are also examples of his Computer Generated (CG) digital paintings, Graphite drawings, En Plain Air paintings and some of his  demonstration (art clubs and societies) paintings. There is also a link to another gallery where you can 'See Artwork on Walls, in this gallery you can see paintings and graphite portraits framed and on walls. By clicking on the links above or click on the images below, you will be directed to the appropriate page.
Below the images on this page is a new addition to Bob's website, a 3D art gallery which he created in ArtSteps. Click on the movie, sit back and you will be taken on a tour of his art gallery. You will not only see artwork from the pages of this website, but you will see the artwork in frames and on the walls of the gallery. If you want to look closer at any of the artwork, you can click on any image to see more information about the image, the gallery is completely interactive.
On the 3D gallery to the left there are four icons; Instructions, Full Screen Mode, Video Quality (normal or high) and finally, Sound-please note; there is no sound with this tour. You can get interactive with the gallery by clicking on the screen, if the door is closed, click on it to open, if you want more time to read the descriptions click and hold or scroll up or down. Click escape to go to normal view again, the tour runs for approximately nine minutes, each step is around eight seconds in duration, please note, the 3D gallery is best watched on a computer monitor .
The tour is best viewed on a computer monitor, laptop or tablet. If you are using a Huawei Android phone you may find that the app does not work on your device.
If you are looking at this website from outside of the United Kingdom, I hope you are able to read the information on each page clearly. I have designed this website myself, I am not a web designer nor do I want to be contacted by web designers thank you. I do hope that you enjoy
browsing through the pages and like what you see…thank you for your understanding.