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Digital Paintings

In this gallery you can see examples of Bob's CG (computer generated) digital paintings. Bob started experimenting with digital painting years ago, there is a learning curve that comes with this medium, not least of which is learning 'hand eye' co-ordination using a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet and a stylus (pen). How it works is this, you look at your monitor screen while you are working on a painting or drawing, while, at the same time you are actually drawing on the tablet with a stylus…it's tricky at first but you don't notice after a short time as it becomes natural to you.
Bob stopped painting digitally when he tried to enter his digital paintings into art competitions and exhibitions…digital paintings were not accepted, presumably, digital paintings were not considered 'Art', that all changed when David Hockney started his iPad paintings. Another reason for not creating digital paintings is that you do not have a 'hard' copy of your painting when it is finished as you have with an oil painting or watercolour etc. your digital paintings are stored inside your computer.
Another important factor was the cost of printing artwork onto canvas, it is an expensive process but most importantly, you absolutely need to find the right people who can do the job such as fine art printers who specialise in this process, not to do so can prove to be disapointing and costly.
Now Bob work directly on to a Wacom Cintiq 27QHD (46.5 x 77cm), this is a big upgrade from the Wacom Intuos graphics tablet, the largest Cintiq today is the 32 inch version. Owning a Wacom Cintiq has been on Bob's bucket list for years, it is an amazing piece of kit, now he can draw and paint directly onto the screen, but he uses it primarily for planning and creating ideas for his none digital artwork such as his AVI paintings
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