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About the Artist

I am an Abstract Vector Impressionist painter, if you don’t like my work, tough, if you do…hallelujah friend, welcome to my world”

I am a self-taught artist born on Merseyside in 1946. My passion for painting goes back to my childhood. When I was fifteen, I attended the Laird School of Art in Birkenhead and studied ‘Commercial Art’. After the third year, I decided that this was not a career I wanted and left to find work.


Although art has always played a big part throughout my working life, it was only after being made redundant from my  job in a pharmaceutical company in 1994 that I decided to take art more seriously. In 1999 I graduated with a BA (Hon) degree in Graphic Art. I later went onto Adult Education teaching art and eventually travelled around the UK conducting painting demonstrations and workshops.


My subject matter is anything and everything, landscape, wildlife, still life or portraits, anything that stimulates my mind. I see an image or object and think how it would look if I changed its whole aspect. My inspiration comes from the Internet, my own or friends photographs or objects I may find interesting


My process from first concept to final painting is time consuming. I use my computer and various programmes including, at times, artificial intelligence, to turn my images/ideas into abstract vector shapes, I then exaggerate the colours in the image to see how they would look like as an impressionist painting…and this is before I get to work on it as the artist using artist oil paints on Belgium Linen canvas. This process does not always work out, I may have to rework the concept or rethink the whole process.


Abstract Vector Impressionism has made me rethink my approach to painting, by removing emotional restraints that have stood in my way for years, I am able to be more adventurous in my approach to my painting and as a result I am connecting more with my audience. 

My influences include; the Impressionists and more recently, the American ‘Open Impressionism’ artist Erin Hanson. Erin’s use of colour and technique have left a great impression on me.

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